Why supporting black owned businesses is so important

Business outlets are places we go everyday. Businesses are what drive communities as well as the economies of these communities. So whether you are going to a shop where you need to do your nails, buy some snack or shave your beard, these little business outlets contribute immensely to the development of our society in general. Which is why showing support for local establishments is very important.
Haven said that, there seems to be a problem of black people not showing adequate support for black owned businesses, which also translates into lack of support for communities that harbour these black owned businesses.
It’s quite sad especially when you realise the huge support other races like the Jewish, Hispanic and Chinese have for their homegrown stuff including businesses of all kinds. Why are the black communities different? But then again, we need to ask ourselves, do blacks even trust each other? Because it is when there’s trust, there is commitment and support. At least it is logical to think it that way. There seems to be some sort of hesitation among black people when it comes to helping each other . So what is the cause of this hesitation?
Like I mentioned above there seems to be a stigma against African American products and services. Many feel that they are of low quality, compared to products and services from other races. They are considered inferior and of less value, which is a huge fallacy.
It’s time we changed that paradigm. It is not only important that black people support black owned products and services, it is important for every other race does the same.

Here are some reasons to support black businesses
Job creation: A major key when it comes to supporting black businesses is the potential for job creation, most especially for the African american communities at large. By supporting black entrepreneurs we aren’t only doing the nation good, we are creating opportunities for black people to have a better life. Let’s add some stats to this. In May 2014 the United States recorded an unemployment rate of 7.8% while unemployment rate for black Americans was about 13.79%, roughly double the national rate. Facts and figures also show that in 2013 , 12.4% of black college students in the US, between the ages of 22 and 27 happened to be unemployed. This is a clear indication that black people are unemployed. It is also an indication that black people are usually at the receiving end of racism in the labour market. Most black people fail to secure jobs, not because they are not qualified, or competent enough but because of the element of racism amongst employers of labour. However, if we show our support for black owned businesses, the unemployment rate for black people will be reduced drastically.
The Economy: It’s very clear that showing support for black owned businesses immensely supports the economy within the black communities as well as the national economy at large. As insinuated above, there are many black people who keep patronizing businesses that are not black owned, thus enriching their proprietors everyday. Ever wondered how other racial communities especially the Chinese are so developed and successful? The answer isn’t far fetched. Their tremendous success overtime can be linked to the fact that they’ve always got each other’s back. You hardly stumble be upon a coffee store on the street owned by a Chinese man, who doesn’t have Chinese customer’s as regular customers. This little act has overtime contributed to their global positioning in modern times. If blacks really want an economy that has got a seat reserved in the international scene, charity must begin at home.


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