A few ways you can support Black Owned businesses

You might be wondering or thinking to yourself, how the hell do I support black owned businesses apart from buying or paying for their stuff. Well there are a whole lot of ways you can ensure that these African Americans who despite all odds, are determined to make a difference, do not run out of business. Afteall if American Americans don’t take the mantle upon themselves, who the hell will. I believe we are
A quick down memory lane, in 2011, a report suggested that by 2015, purchasing power of black could hit $1.1 trillion, however this whooping figure would never be felt by black communities, another reason why you should consider supporting black businesses. You might also be wondering how to go about this. Well here’s how.


  • Figure out where they are: Probably the most important step to take is to know where exactly black owned businesses are situated in your area of residence. This should be a no-brainer and would make patronage easier. You can google sites at your convenience using this format “Black owned businesses in Oklahoma”. That should do the trick.


  • Make use of apps: You don’t need to be tech savvy to leverage on mobile apps. I’m not going to promote or endorse any app in particular but I’m quite aware that there are mobile apps available on the apple store or android play store that makes it seemless to find black owned businesses around you. There are even some that notifies you when a new establishment hits town.
    Online shopping: Whether it’s scouting for the best hair products, coolest shoes, or trending styles, shopping online has made things seamless. So you shouldn’t complain about how terribly far that black owned business is located. You can patronize other black owned businesses that have online stores.


  • Social media: Social media is a great tool to spread the word. We’ve got a problem of choosing one to stick with actually, as there are quite a number to choose from. However, the trio, Facebook, Twitter and instagram are the most influential at the moment. Make use of ad campaigns, hashtags and images to promote black owned businesses. Spread the word.


  • Host events there: Perhaps you’ve got something brewing up like your anniversary, wedding, birthday party or whatever, an event centre is always needed right? So what’s the harm in booking a venue where a black owned business is located. Always look out for establishments that are close to you.


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