Welcome to Black Business Districts

Black Business Districts, LLC is a online marketing company that is dedicated to improving the growth and sustainability of black owned businesses. We help black owned businesses connect to their consumers through efficient and effective digital marketing strategies.

The mission of Black Business Districts is to create a infinite connection between black owned businesses and their consumers. Black Americans produce a combined spending power of about $1.3 trillion dollars annually, yet around 80 percent of black owned businesses go out of business within their first year. Black Business Districts looks to remove the obvious disconnect between black owned businesses and Black Americans by providing a refined online platform that advertises black owned businesses efficiently and effectively.

Black Business Districts has created a online directory that lists black owned businesses by different business types, categories, and their select features. Our online directory organizes each and every black owned business listing in such a way that makes it painless for website visitors to find the information that they are looking for on any black owned business they choose. Our online directory is uniquely designed with exquisite black owned business listings, black owned business ad promotions, and other relevant content that delivers a satisfying experience for each and every website visitor.

Black Business Districts benefits black owned businesses by allowing them to list their business on our online directory. The business listings will allow black owned businesses to create a profile page that depicts their business by description, location, and contact information. The customized business listings help attract visitors to our online directory that will patronize those black owned businesses in some form or fashion.

Our online directory also allows black owned businesses to advertise their businesses throughout our online directory with the use of ad promotions. Ad promotions allow black owned businesses to advertise their business in select areas within our online directory. Ad promotions can appear on our home page, different black owned business listings, different locations, blogs, and etc. They are used to increase the visibility of the black owned businesses and to drive website traffic to them. Black Business Districts is ultimately a tool that should be utilized by all black owned businesses to increase their Brand Awareness & generate highly targeted leads.

The main goal for Black Business Districts is to become the largest online directory for all black owned businesses. Currently there is approximately 2.58 million black owned businesses located within the United States. These black owned businesses produce annual revenues of $150 billion dollars. By assisting Black Americans in channeling the majority of their $1.3 trillion dollars of spending power into black owned businesses; Black Business Districts will help the black economy constantly develop and evolve.